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9 Custom Signs That Help Your Business Succeed

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No matter the size or type of your business, signage is a must-have in any successful marketing strategy. All businesses need signage, whether it’s to help potential customers find you, build brand recognition, highlight new products and services, or create a great customer experience. By using a variety of signage types, you can get your messages across in a big way.

There are five main purposes of business signage.

  • Grab attention: Make a strong first impression and draw customers in with attention-grabbing graphics.
  • Inform: Let people know what your business has to offer and share important information quickly.
  • Direct: Help people find their way and find what they need in your business.
  • Transform: Enhance your space inside and out to create a memorable experience.
  • Sell: Encourage customers to buy your products or services now.

Great signage serves one or many of these purposes when added to a well-crafted marketing strategy. If you want your business to reach its goals, consider these nine custom signs that can help you succeed.

1. Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are just what they sound like—signs that sit out on the sidewalk, such as yard signs, A-frames, or sandwich boards. These signs quite literally put your marketing messages in people’s path, ensuring they are seen by passersby to take advantage of foot traffic. 

Creative sidewalk signs grab people’s attention and entice them to come through your business’s doors. They’re especially useful for advertising daily specials or short-term promotions. They might also be used for branding purposes, featuring a fun joke, quote, or image. If you’re the type of business that has a menu of services, such as a restaurant or salon, include a QR code on the sign so it’s easy for people to scan and view your offerings.

2. Banners

Share your message loud and proud with custom banners. Banners are extremely versatile because they can display any number of messages and be hung from almost anywhere, inside and out. Interior banners might be strung from the ceiling or counters, and exterior banners are most visible on storefront marquees or fences. Because of their large size, hanging banners grab people’s attention when they’re passing by your business and can let them know of any events or special offers you have running.

Pull-up, or retractable, banners are another option. These banners are useful because they can be moved from place to place with ease, allowing you to take your message on the go. A branded banner is great for building awareness and generating leads at events like trade shows, job fairs, and farmer’s markets. Informative banners are often used inside offices or storefronts to help customers learn about your services.

3. Window Graphics

Window graphics help you transform your plain, everyday windows into branded marketing opportunities. Eye-catching graphics help your business stand out and grab the attention of passersby. You can use window graphics short-term to promote offers or events, or install long-term graphics to reinforce your brand messages and services.

One of the biggest benefits of window graphics is that they’re extremely versatile. There are many styles to choose from, including transparent or opaque window clings, one-way vision window clings, frosted window treatments, lettering, shades, or imaged glass. You can use a combination of styles and sizes to make your windows look completely unique. 

4. Wall Graphics

Similar to window graphics, wall graphics have the power to completely transform a once-plain space into a visually interesting one. Wall graphics are a cost-effective solution for reinforcing your brand inside. You might create a design featuring your logo and tagline, brand messages and mission statements, or abstract designs. Full-wall graphics are also possible, such as custom wallpapers or murals.

Wall graphics make a strong impact on anyone who visits your space. In an office setting, they can reinforce brand messaging to employees, boost morale, and enhance your team’s connection to what your business stands for. For businesses with frequent shoppers or clients, wall graphics help create an immersive brand experience. They can also add to your appeal by building credibility and further establishing your brand.   

5. Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are yet another indoor and outdoor solution that serve multiple purposes. Their best application is often in wayfinding, helping to lead customers to different areas of your business so they can find what they’re looking for. In more general spaces, floor graphics can also be used to advertise promotions or enliven your store’s personality with fun images or branding.

Because they’re meant to be walked on, floor graphics are made from durable materials and can adhere to an array of surfaces, including concrete, brick, carpet, wood, and vinyl.

6. Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding signage placed at eye level is also useful in ensuring customers get where they need to go. Whether in a store or an office complex, visitors want to be able to find your business quickly without getting lost or confused. Installing clear wayfinding signage creates a positive customer experience. 

There are many types of wayfinding signage available to suit different business needs. Arrows and department signs are useful in stores. Directories, maps, and informational signs about your location are helpful in office complexes where multiple businesses share space. Identification signs clearly mark particular buildings, rooms, offices, and departments in a large office setting. Safety signs may also be needed to showcase emergency exits, restricted areas, and general safety information. 

7. Point-of-Sale Signs

Point-of-sale (POS) signs are mainstays in traditional storefronts. As a customer waits to check out, POS displays catch their eye and entice them to do something extra. Often, POS signs will promote new products or show special offers to drive more sales during the purchase process.

Different types of POS signage might be useful depending on your business type. Common signage includes freestanding or shelf displays with products; counter signage; display stands; or posters, banners, or counter graphics with promotions. 

8. Vehicle Wraps

Signage doesn’t have to stop at your business’s location. Vehicle wraps allow you to mobilize your brand advertising and market to people while you’re on the road. Vehicle wraps can be seen by hundreds or thousands of people each day, creating high ROI. They’re particularly useful for service-oriented businesses like plumbers, HVAC companies, and lawn care services, because you can advertise on your vehicle as you drive to jobs. 

Vehicle wraps come in different styles, including full wraps, partial wraps, and simple logos and lettering. It’s important to design vehicle wraps in a way that makes the information easy to remember, since people will only see it for a short time. It’s best to include your company name, website URL, and phone number, so people can look you up or call you when they get to their destination. 

9. Trade Show Displays

Trade shows are fantastic places to get the word out about your business, but you need an eye-catching booth to stand out from the crowd and draw in attendees. Professionally designed trade show display signage captures attention from a distance, informs prospective customers about your business, and makes a lasting impression that enhances brand recognition. 

A combination of eye-catching and informative signage is useful in trade show displays. You might combine bold pop-up displays, backdrops, and retractable banners with branded tablecloths and table displays to engage visitors from a distance and close-up.

Tips for Designing Signs

No matter what type of signage you use for your business, you want it to look good and send a clear message. Signage can make or break the customer experience, so take time to design it thoughtfully.

Use these quick tips to create well-designed, engaging signs that accomplish your business goals.

  • Make it readable: Good signage is able to be read in a few seconds. Use legible fonts and be consistent with your typefaces and sizing. Don’t use contrasting colors or colors that are difficult to read, such as red on blue or yellow on white. And, make sure the text is large enough. As a general rule of thumb, 1 inch of height equals 10 feet of visibility. If your sign needs to be seen from 50 feet away, the font needs to be at least 5 inches tall!
  • Use visuals strategically: A picture is worth 1,000 words. Instead of using a lot of text, let your visuals tell the story. However, don’t go overboard. Make sure you leave white space so your signs aren’t too cluttered and confusing.
  • Have a clear call to action: Every sign should let the reader know exactly what you want them to do. Use actionable phrases like “Scan me!” “Call now!” or “Try it today!” to encourage interaction and purchases.

When you need signage for your business, turn to the experts for professional design and printing. AlphaGraphics makes your ideas come to life with our range of signage options. No matter the shape, size, or application, we’ll ensure your signs are perfectly crafted for your needs. Find your local AlphaGraphics center today.

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