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Branded Print Materials are Critical for Business Success in the New Year

If you sit down and think about all of the branded print materials your business leverages on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, the results are staggering. Everything from business cards and letterhead, to promotional flyers and brochures, to banners and vehicle decals, and beyond all play a critical role in defining your brand image. The cumulative impact of similar company-related materials is called branding. It’s a term that most businesses are familiar with, but few truly understand. And, once you truly understand branding in practice—rather than just a concept—your business will be poised to succeed at a high level. Let’s take a look at why branding your print materials is so important and how making a few simple changes in the New Year could profoundly benefit your business’ perception.

Having the Right Branded Print Materials

The first step in projecting the right branding is having opportunities to showcase it, both internally and externally. Some basic examples and opportunities include:
It’s important to ensure your company’s name, logo, slogan, and colors are adamantly displayed on all of the collateral it utilizes. The more collateral, the more opportunities for your brand to become recognized.

Creating Cohesive Materials

More than just putting your brand’s name or colors on marketing collateral, it needs to be consistent across all pieces. Recognition is formed through repetition, and the more familiar something is, the more it becomes engrained in the mind of the person processing it. If you don’t already, start utilizing a design and print professional like AlphaGraphics in the New Year. A print specialist understands cohesiveness across marketing collateral and can help keep your materials consistent, no matter what form they take or the application they’re meant for.

Developing a Schema

When you’ve got consistency, repetition, and plenty of opportunities to get your brand in front of people, you’re primed to help them develop a schema. Schemas are the core concept behind branding—they’re the cumulative understanding and emotion we get when we see something familiar. For example, when we think of “McDonalds” we automatically think about everything from golden arches and Ronald McDonald, to burgers and fries, to the drive-thru and even their slogan, "I’m lovin’ it.” This is a schema hard at work. When your brand is part of a schema, it becomes easier for people to associate with. Further, a good schema—one associated with positivity—can drive people to interact with your business. Each branded banner, business card, and direct mail postcard helps people get to know your brand indirectly, so they feel like they already know you.

Focus on Branding this Year

If you’re looking for the best way to improve your marketing this upcoming New Year, start with a hard look at your branding. Are you making the most of your print collateral? Is your brand being portrayed consistently? What kind of emotion or message is it conveying, and how is that affecting the perception people form? AlphaGraphics is ready to be your branding partner. We’ll help keep you on-brand across all your marketing materials, and we can even advise you on how to improve your brand’s tone and perception across all of your print materials. If you’re looking to embolden your branding in 2018, set up a consultation with your local AlphaGraphics today!

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