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The Benefits of a Private agOnline Storefront for Your Business

If you’re looking for a way to streamline materials ordering, inventory control or interdepartmental budgeting, the obvious answer is to hire an office manager… but unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Budget concerns and a number of other barriers make it difficult to simply fill a position and even if you do hire an office manager, there’s no guarantee that this person is going to address all of the needs you have. Instead, what you really need is a digital portal that manages budget, materials and inventory for you! This is exactly the function of AGOnline, and more and more businesses are starting to see the benefits in building their own private storefronts through the AGOnline portal. Setting up for success Setting up an AGOnline storefront is far easier than you think—all you really need to do is speak with a local AlphaGraphics to get started! The portal is constructed and branded for your company and when all is said and done, it’s completely customizable to your needs. The best part: it takes minimal work on your end, so you can focus on running your business. When your storefront is up and running, it’s easy to load it with all of the critical materials that you find yourself ordering regularly. From NCR forms to business cards, letterhead to marketing and promotional materials, virtually anything you might need to have printed will be accessible with the click of a button. Keeping track of everything Aside from giving you full access to everything you need in terms of printed products, having a customized, private AGOnline storefront at your disposal also comes with a number of other benefits—benefits that go a long way to antiquating your vacant office manager position:
  • You can instantly track inventory through your AGOnline portal, eliminating ordering mistakes and giving you insight into ordering habits. No more ordering 10,000 extra business cards because you accidently ordered twice!
  • If you have different departments or even different locations ordering materials through the portal, it’s easy to see who’s ordering what and what kind of money they’re spending. This immediately helps you figure out budgets based on departments and can accurately depict cash flow within the business’ different segments.
  • Allocate ordering to people you trust, instead of placing the burden on a single person! With different user IDs possible, you can let the leash out on employees who have proven themselves trustworthy, allowing them to do more and you to focus on other things with confidence.
  • Organization and cataloging is a breeze with AGOnline! Need to keep a template handy for future ordering? Have graphics and colors picked out that need to be saved? AGOnline does this for you, to keep all of your critical documents and variables on hand for when you need them next.
AGOnline makes it incredibly easy to control a major part of your business’ operations: materials ordering. And, when you think about all of the materials that you’ll need each week, month or year, it makes sense to have a firm grasp on this process to save yourself time and money. It’s time for AGOnline Your private storefront and personalized portal are only a phone call away! Consult with your local AlphaGraphics location today to learn more about how to get started with AGOnline and how having a private portal will help bolster your business. Who needs an office manager when you’ve got the power of AGOnline at your disposal?

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