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Baseball Season Means It’s Time for Sponsorship Materials!

March Madness has come and gone, and football season is still six months down the line—which means it can only be one time of year. That’s right, spring training is over and baseball season is upon us! People are flocking into stadiums across the nation to watch America’s favorite pastime, while at home, little leaguers are putting on their uniforms and getting ready to take home this season’s trophy. Baseball season is about more than the players on the field, however—it’s also about the local businesses and sponsors who put them out there with fresh uniforms on their backs! And while major league teams don’t have to worry about finding sponsors, your local area little league teams might not be so fortunate. Luckily, small businesses of all types are the perfect sponsors for local area baseball teams! A small cash donation makes sure registration and equipment fees are paid, while the small business itself benefits from being the official sponsor of that team. It’s a win-win situation! And while you might be content with just getting the kids some jerseys, this year it might be time to consider a few other advertising investments as well. Picture this: your kids take the field in the new uniforms you sponsored as community members clap and cheer. The other team cranks a big hit into left field, where your kid makes a great diving catch to end the inning! And, right behind him when he stands up is a bright, attractive banner advertising your small business. It’s like something out of a movie! Being the official sponsor of a little league team gives you the opportunity to advertise through them, without detracting from the altruism of your sponsorship. Smart businesses jump on this opportunity and when they do, it yields great results. Take a look at some of the sponsorship materials that you can use to your advantage if you’re kind enough to sponsor a local little league team:
  • Banners: Banners are big, bright and undeniable. Position one on the fence in left field, right outside the gate to the baseball diamond or nearby the concession stands to get the attention of people. When they know you support the local team, they’re more apt to support you!
  • Apparel: Jerseys are a great start to your sponsorship, but you can always take things further! Create nifty shirts or hats for local team supporters to buy and don’t be shy about putting your business’ name and logo on them.
  • Trinkets: Key chains, bottle openers, backpacks and more are all great items that will be often used throughout the summer. With your logo on them in team colors, you can extend your marketing profile through your sponsorship. Smaller accessories like beer koozies are also ideal and can be given away at games as free marketing swag.
  • Schedules: Whether it’s a fridge magnet or a desktop calendar, having a schedule that shows all of your team’s games is going to be a handy item for followers of the team. Brand it with your business’ images for marketing appeal, and you can even think about including coupons or codes that potential buyers might only get if they buy a calendar.
All of these things and more are great sponsorship tools and can go a long way towards supporting both a local baseball team and your business. The team gets the funding they need to play this year and you get the notoriety that comes with supporting them! Consult with your local AlphaGraphics today to learn more about the many branding opportunities possible to baseball sponsors and start planning your summertime marketing campaign with the help of a local sports team.

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