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Making Email Newsletters More Social - 5 Tips to Create Content Users Will Share.

Among the many moving parts of a successful marketing plan, email newsletters are still an essential component. It is, hands down, the most direct way to engage with customers. But integrating with social media has become increasingly important, since it can help those messages can be projected to a much wider audience. Persuading readers to share the content of your email content is the key. This is accomplished by providing content that demonstrates you're in touch with what's important to customers and sharing information that not only solves their problems, but also entertains them and asks for their insight. While planning out your e-newsletters for the year, consider these 5 ways to make your content more sharable to ignite further conversation on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Engage customers in content creation. You can't just "talk at" customers anymore. They want to be part of the conversation and part of your business story. Use surveys and polls or ask questions on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find out what's affecting your customers' lives. Invite them to share their experiences related to your business and industry. You can feature the most compelling stories in your newsletters and across social channels.
  2. Share content across channels. Be sure to cross-pollinate your content with teaser links across all media. That includes linking to your Facebook, YouTube and other social media pages from your e-newsletter, blog and website. Post teasers about the content on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites that lead back to your content destinations.
  3. Create content people will want to share. People like to share information that's practical, interesting, timely, funny and thought-provoking. Don't be afraid to ignite conversation on social media around controversial topics related to your business (but stay away from controversial political or religious topics unless that's your area of expertise). For instance you might read an industry article that provokes strong opinions. Chime in with your opinion and gather the opinions of others on social media websites. Then report on the social conversation in your next e-newsletter.
  4. Make every message sharable. Include a Like/Tweet button or a social share bar in every email newsletter. The "Forward to a Friend" feature lets subscribers share your newsletter with another person by email. But by adding social icons at the top of your e-mail, those same people can now share it with their entire Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn networks. That extends your reach to a highly qualified audience of prospects.
  5. Kick-start your social presence using you email marketing list. Invite e-mail subscribers to connect with you on social networks. Include links to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages in your e-mail marketing communications. Don't forget to provide reasons why subscribers should join you on social media destinations -- and how that experience will be different from your email communications.
By implementing even just a few of the simple tactics outlined above, you'll reap the rewards of having an integrated email and social media marketing strategy. If you want to dig deeper into the topic of social media or its integration with email marketing, check out these free resources from Constant Contact: Social Media Quickstarter Small Business Learning Center Free local educational seminars About Constant Contact, Inc. Constant Contact is revolutionizing the success formula for small organizations through affordable, easy-to-use Engagement Marketing™ tools that help create and grow customer relationships. More than half a million small businesses, nonprofits, and associations worldwide rely on Constant Contact to drive ongoing customer dialogs through email marketing, social media marketing, event marketing, and online surveys. All Constant Contact products come with unrivaled KnowHow, education, and free coaching with a personal touch, including award-winning customer support. Alpha Graphics has been part of Constant Contacts Franchise Program since 2009. Members of the Constant Contact Franchise Program receive special account pricing for franchisees, branded templates that support both corporate and local content, a dedicated Franchise team and Constant Contact's award-winning free personal coaching and support.  

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